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The most convenient solution for web scraping

Get HTML for any website with minimum efforts using DataImpulse technology and a huge pool of IP networks
Leave failed requests, captchas, and other issues caused by proxies in the past. HTML results at a 99.95% success rate are your new future.
Pay only for the data volume you plan to collect, no monthly subscription, and no limits
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A quick look at your account dashboard and you get all the usage and billing details up-to-date
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Get the most value with DataImpulse for your business

We offer the most cost-effective solution with straightforward pricing.
  • Clear pricing
    No hidden fees – fixed price for specific data needs. Pay only for the results that matter.
  • Free trial
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  • 24/7 support
    We are always online to assist you at any stage of your DataImpulse journey.
  • Scalable system with a 99.95% uptime
    Our system can scale up to any volumes you need while maintaining 99.95% uptime.

Our infrastructure

Our scalable infrastructure features over 5 million residential proxies worldwide and allows us to handle an almost infinite number of API requests.
requests a day
residential proxies
9 seconds
average turnaround time

Clear pricing

Pay only for the HTML results you retrieve, no subscription, no limits, and no expiration date.
Free trial
Test before you buy. Leave your request to start.
Usage stats within a quick
Monitor the usage and analyze the expenses at the account dashboard.
Refund policy
A full refund within the first 7 days without any questions.

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