Proxies for Discord:

How to get rid of latency, protect yourself from security threats, and avoid bans

For individual users and companies, pricing starts as low as $0,8 per 1 GB

Proxies for Discords

  • For gamers who want to communicate effortlessly and enhance their gaming experience
  • For influencers and creators who want to craft content and manage servers more effectively
  • For marketers who want to get data to gather insights about users and analyze competitors and trends
  • For developers to build and test Discord bots as well as apps that rely on Discord’s API

Set up and run multiple accounts with proxies

While Discord doesn’t explicitly prohibit multi-accounting, you may still experience difficulties. For example, you may want all your accounts to have no relation to each other. If you are a Discord bot developer, you may need to simulate diverse user scenarios to test your bots’ performance. Or you develop Discord bots and need to simulate different user scenarios to test your bots’ performance. If you do it with accounts tied to the same IP, you risk hitting the rate limit or making Discord suspicious about your activity. The platform may restrict API access or ban you completely.

Using different residential IPs is a way to maintain privacy and avoid getting under Discord’s radar. Internet service providers assign them to household devices. These IPs have associations with particular geolocations and usage patterns. Discord will see each of your accounts as a separate visitor and won’t think that you’re planning something malicious. Also, your accounts will have much fewer links to each other, so you can effectively separate your online identities.

Get over speed issues with proxies

Whether you chat while playing, test bots, or scrape data, you need a smooth, high-speed connection. However, due to bandwidth throttling, unoptimized network routes, or physical distance between servers, you may experience drops in speed. You may lose due to poor communication with your fellow players or spend much more time on your tasks.

When you use proxies, your internet service provider cannot track down your IP or know how much traffic you consume. So, it cannot impose any limits or slow down your connection. Also, you can connect to a proxy server that uses optimized routes or is located closer to Discord’s server. This will reduce the connection time.

Proxies to scrape Discord data

Scraping data helps you analyze the latest trends, competitors, and specific topics. Also, it’s a handy tool to manage your server and moderate content. On the other hand, scraping alters anti-bot systems. You may receive a ban. On top of that, scraping consumes a lot of time.

Proxies allow you to distribute your activities between numerous addresses. This will mask your crawlers as regular visitors. Receiving a ban from Discord becomes much less likely. Not to mention that distributing speeds up the scraping process as you scrape a lot of servers simultaneously. You can get the necessary data quickly. However, remember to act according to the TOS of Discord and scrape responsibly.

Proxies to heighten your security

Discord has a history of security-related issues. Even if you use the app to relax and chat, security is still important, especially if your Discord account is tied to other platforms or apps. Also, some governments demand the platform hand over its users’ data. On top of that, you may need to go online using an unsecure connection, like a public Wi-Fi network.

Proxies hide your real IP. This makes it hard to know more about you. As a result, it becomes harder to attack you. Additionally, you can route your traffic via an IP associated with another country, where the government respects privacy. Also, certain types of proxies may encrypt your traffic, preventing a man-in-the-middle attack. It will protect your data while using public networks.

Why DataImpulse

1-second response time proxies

Communicate and play with friends without stumbling upon latency.

Pay-as-you-go pricing model

Enjoy communication on Discord and do your tasks without burning a hole in your pocket.

24/7 human support

It’s easy to adjust your proxy via our intuitive dashboard. However, we are here if you need any help. You get answers from our support team in several minutes. We don’t use bots.

No expiration date

Your traffic won’t run out after a certain period of time. You use all the GBs you pay for.

What our clients say about our proxies

You get responsibly obtained proxies at a moderate price

We get our residential IPs via an app of in-house development. People are aware that they sell us a part of their traffic. We pay them for their traffic and set some criteria to ensure you get whitelisted and fast proxies. As we don’t engage in reselling IPs from other providers, you have a fair price of $1 per 1GB and still get reliable proxies. You can have datacenter and mobile proxies as well.

You can set up a proxy server according to your needs without paying for additional features

Adjusting settings takes you only several minutes. You can use IPs randomly or choose the necessary country or countries out of the 195 available options. You can choose a proxy protocol that will guard your security. You can exclude autonomous systems with unoptimized routes to have a faster connection. These and more features are available regardless of your pricing plan.


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Popular questions

What if I experience drops in speed?

We control the load on our servers to ensure you have a fast connection. Also, we provide you with an all-in-one rotating tool. If there are any issues with the address you use, the tool will automatically reassign you a new IP within a fraction of a second. You won’t notice lags.

Does Discord’s TOS prohibit the use of proxies? Are proxies legal? What if I face a ban for using them?

Neither Discord’s TOS specifically prohibits the use of proxies nor are proxies illegal. It is okay to use them as long as you don’t engage in illicit activities like spamming, scamming, or attacking, don’t violate Discord’s rules, and don’t harm other users. DataImpulse bears no liability for the misuse of proxies.

Then, what if I get assigned an IP associated with any kind of forbidden activity, such as participating in attacks?

We care about your safety and our reputation, so we don’t sell you blacklisted addresses. We set some criteria that people have to meet to become our partners. It helps ensure that you have whitelisted proxies that aren’t associated with any scams. You can use them without worrying.

Why not use free proxies?

Websites and platforms often block free IPs beforehand. It’s unlikely that you will experience all the benefits of using free proxies. Also, such IPs are often associated with hosting viruses and carrying out other unauthorized actions. Moreover, you don’t know who runs a free proxy server or whether they hand your data to third parties. So, free proxies are uneffective and dangerous to use. It’s better to choose a trustworthy provider like DataImpulse, which has your back.

With what devices do proxies work?

Proxies work fine with numerous devices, including notebooks, computers, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. You can also use proxies with both the web-based Discord application and the desktop version.