Market research with mobile proxies:

say goodbye to captchas, biased data, and geo-based restrictions

Add proxies to your research routine to stay anonymous, speed up data collecting, and get over anti-scraping measures explicitly targeted at mobile gadgets

What are proxies?

Proxies act as a middleman between your browser and your target server. They receive your request and forward it to the target server. The same happens to servers’ responses. You never interact with the target server directly, and your real IP address stays hidden. So does all the information tied to your IP, such as your location.

Benefits of using mobile proxies for market research

  • Compatible with numerous tools, including scraping tools
  • Hard to detect
  • May be used with different devices, even notebooks, and computers
  • Secure and anonymous
  • Legal tool
  • The best bet to use with mobile apps and platforms and mobile versions of websites
  • Support HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols

Proxies to get location-based insights

Learning local markets better is essential for sticking with local regulations and tailoring product development and marketing strategy. Whether you scrape publicly available data like news articles or aim to explore a particular location, you may hit a wall because of geo-restrictions or local laws that make accessing data from your area impossible.

Proxies can solve all the listed problems. You can use IPs of a target location to reach sources like forums or whatever that impose geo-based limitations. You can also access platforms inaccessible from your actual place due to legal regulations. Even if a website is available and adapted to your place of being, you can see other versions of this source with proxies. As mobile proxies offer you the most precise geo-targeting, you can get your hands on data related to physical points or events, such as foot traffic patterns, visiting patterns, proximity to competitors, and others. It will help you understand customers better, figure out your weaknesses, identify new opportunities, and make information-baked decisions regarding your business.

Proxies for in-app behavior and platform monitoring

The share of mobile traffic grows constantly, so m-commerce platforms and apps can provide you with a lot of data regarding current and evolving trends, buying patterns, customers’ needs and wishes, and more. It’s also important to pay attention to competitors as their analyses may give you valuable ideas about what empty niches are waiting for you to fill in or how to position your product uniquely. The most convenient and effective method to get this data is to scrape. However, scraping comes hand in hand with captchas, IP bans, and even blocks. On top of that, many sources now imply special anti-bot measures targeted at mobile devices, making scraping harder for you.

A combination of proxies and scraping tools will help you avoid altering anti-bot systems. By implementing rotation proxies, you can make it look like all your requests originate from different and legitimate sources. It drastically lowers your chances of being detected and banned by websites you try to scrape. This way, you can get your hands on user browsing patterns, navigation paths, popular search queries, reviews, users’ interests and preferences, competitors’ target audience, and customer feedback. It gives you numerous clues as to what products customers look for and what products are senseless to produce. It helps you understand your target audience better and adjust your products and marketing strategy accordingly. You don’t waste time on captchas; you don’t risk getting banned and not getting any data. Using mobile proxies makes scraping more effective with mobile platforms, as you may need more than classic residential proxies to bypass anti-bot measures.

Get trustworthy data with proxies

Whether you scrape a mobile app to get data or you try to break through geo-based restrictions, you need accurate data. At the same time, your history and preferences influence your search results. You get personalized data that isn’t helpful. Moreover, some companies practice serving false information to their competitors.

Proxies allow you to stay anonymous by hiding behind unrelated IPs. You get accurate data – not biased, not personalized. On top of that, modern websites often rely on dynamic JavaScript content and single-page application frameworks such as Vue.js or React. Web scraping tools may need help to render it correctly. Proxies can help you catch on that and get your hands even on this type of data.

Speed up your market research processes

Market research includes numerous tasks, such as monitoring evolving trends and customer reviews, analyzing competitors, and more. Fulfilling these tasks takes a lot of time, especially since you have to do market research regularly to capitalize on new opportunities and stay competitive.

Mobile proxies are your allies in keeping up with this race. They are fast themselves, so they will keep you from slowing down while collecting info. Also, you can use several proxies at a time and divide your tasks between them. This way, you can conduct numerous tasks simultaneously and save time and human resources while having reliable data.

Why DataImpulse?

Ethically sourced proxies

We obtain our IPs legally. This means you get reliable proxies that aren’t associated with unlawful activities like hosting attacks. You get your tasks done without risking your reputation.

195 locations available

You get addresses from 195 locations worldwide and can access all the data you need.

2K connection threats

At DataImpulse, you can have 2000 connection threats at a time without additional charges. Distribute your activities between those IPs to save time and resources for your development.

Cost-effective price and model

Does $2 per 1 GB of mobile proxies sound too good to be true? That’s true at DataImpulse. We don’t resell proxies from other providers, so we can offer you a convenient price without cutting on quality. Also, you don’t have to pay for a subscription, as we use a pay-as-you-go pricing model. You pay only for the traffic you use, and your proxies don’t expire.

24/7 human support

If you have any questions or need help, you can write right away, whether day or night, workday or weekend. Not bots, but human managers will respond to you in up to several minutes.

Opportunity to earn money with us

Do you like our proxies? Tell others about us, give your referral link, and get 15% dividends from every payment with your link! You can withdraw money or use them to pay for your proxies.


Are proxies legal?

Yes, proxies are a legal tool. However, you should use them according to regulations and laws. DataImpulse doesn’t bear responsibility for illegitimate usage of proxies.

Do you use my data in any way?

No, we don’t share your data with third parties and don’t use them. We value your security and privacy.

Why should I buy proxies when there are free options?

Free proxies exist; however, using them is usually useless and dangerous. You never know who owns and manages them and who can get your data. Also, platforms and websites often block free proxies, so you cannot access sources and collect info with such proxies. Finding a reliable provider like DataImpulse will help you get data, save you time, and ensure your safety.

What if I still get banned?

Proxies alone cannot guarantee 100% anonymity. You should use them with other tools, like anti-detect browsers, to cover your identity. However, they are still irreplaceable if you aim to stay incognito while online.

Won’t proxies slow down market research as I route traffic via one more server?

Mobile proxies are fast themselves. Moreover, with connection threats, proxies will only speed up the process. Of course, it’s still essential that the provider you choose has up-to-date hardware and software so you won’t experience lags for technical reasons. At DataImpulse, we take care of that.

How can I use mobile proxies with notebooks and computers?

You can use mobile proxies with any device. If it’s not a mobile device like a smartphone, you need a special tool—a dongle—that can read mobile SIM cards.

What if I need to scrape a desktop version of a website?

Generally, mobile proxies will work in this case. However, for desktop platforms, you should consider using residential proxies. They are more compatible and better at bypassing desktop versions’ anti-scraping systems. You don’t need to look for residential proxies elsewhere, as DataImpulse offers them, too.

Are mobile proxies reliable in terms of stable connection?

Mobile proxies are reliable. Even if the connection breaks suddenly, we immediately assign you a new IP address so you won’t experience lags.

Do you offer rotating mobile proxies?

Yes, we provide you with rotating mobile proxies.


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