Ad verification

Ad verification is a crucial yet challenging task for advertisers, especially when dealing with a large number of ads on various websites worldwide. The process becomes even more daunting without a reliable ad verification system in place. Proxies offer a practical solution to efficiently verify ads and ensure they appear correctly on appropriate sites, saving time and money while ensuring customer satisfaction. With residential proxies, advertisers can avoid location-based glitches and maintain the integrity of their ad campaigns.

DataImpulse residential proxies benefits

24/7 human support

Our 5 star support team is always online and ready to help you and answer all the questions arised, 24/7. 365 days a year.

Lowest pricing at the market

Having under the roof our own proxy pool we could provide you with the residential proxies pool at one of the lowest rates on the market – just $1 per Gb.

Custom solutions on-demand

Our team of experienced data engineers could always release a custom solution for your business. Let us know your idea and requirements and we’ll do the rest.

1st party ethical IP pool

All the IPs that we’re operating are gained with the consent of the end users and we’re allowed to use their traffic as proxy.

Pay-as-You-Go Traffic Pricing

We work to keep our Residential Proxies pricing affordable to give you the best service you’ll find anywhere


5 GB per $5
One-time opportunity to try out
No expiration date
SOCKS5 supported
Country targeting
Sticky sessions
API access


from 50 GB per $50
Pay $1 per GB from 50 GB and beyond
No expiration date
SOCKS5 supported
Country targeting
Sticky sessions
API access


from 1 TB
Custom Price
Pls contact our support team to discuss your specific requirements

Payment methods:

DataImpulse residential proxies features

Our platform offers a variety of features to enhance your web scraping experience.
  • Flexible IP rotation algorithm: Datampulse provides the option to rotate proxies on each request or use sticky sessions to bind the next request to the same IP.
  • Authorization of your choice: Users can choose to use login/pass authorization or IP whitelist feature to use proxies without password.
  • Country-level targeting: Users can easily select the country from which they want to make a request. They can also specify multiple countries to choose from.
  • User-like web page rendering: DataImpulse uses the latest
    Chromium version to connect to the desired data source and render web pages similar to a user’s experience.

Most important points about Ad verification:

  • Ad verification is a critical process for advertisers to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of their online advertising campaigns.
  • It involves verifying the placement and appearance of ads on various websites and platforms to ensure they are displayed correctly and as intended.
  • Ad verification helps advertisers identify and prevent ad fraud, fake impressions, and click fraud, protecting their ad budgets from wasteful spending.
  • Without a reliable ad verification system, advertisers may face significant challenges in monitoring and optimizing their ad performance.
  • Verifying ads with residential proxies also helps maintain brand reputation and customer trust by delivering the expected advertising experience to the target audience.


How can residential proxies help advertisers verify ad placements and appearances on global websites without manual efforts?

By using residential proxies with different IP addresses and locations, advertisers can emulate user behavior from various regions. This allows for a quick and efficient verification of ad placements on a global scale, ensuring their accuracy and adherence to specified parameters.

What benefits do residential proxies offer in ensuring ad visibility and compliance with advertising guidelines across different regions and platforms?

Residential proxies offer the following benefits for ad visibility and compliance:

  • Access to diverse IP addresses ensures ads are visible in targeted locations.
  • Geo-targeting capabilities help tailor ads to local audiences and comply with regional regulations.
  • Efficient ad verification at scale saves time and resources.
  • Advertisers can monitor competitor ads and make data-driven decisions.
  • Residential proxies aid in ad fraud prevention by detecting suspicious activities.

How can using residential proxies for ad verification lead to improved ad performance and higher return on investment (ROI)?

Using residential proxies for ad verification leads to improved ad performance and higher ROI by providing accurate data, optimizing geo-targeting, preventing ad fraud, enabling competitor analysis, ensuring ad compliance, and reducing operational costs. This helps advertisers make data-driven decisions, reach the right audience, and enhance brand reputation, ultimately resulting in better campaign effectiveness and return on investment.

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