Ad verification

One of the most annoying and routine tasks of any advertiser is Ad verification. Furthermore, it can be a costly task too, just calculate how much each click, or even view of the advert costs.

It may seem to be easy to check the ad if there is only one. But this simple task can make even a small marketing agency’s life feel like hell because you need to go through billions of ads on millions of websites from around the world. Or if you publish the paid ad, but do not appear where it should in a certain geo-location, you have to fix it immediately. This is why the verification of ads using proxy services is an absolute necessity.

In fact, every advertiser must have an ad verification system in place. Otherwise, it will take a lifetime or two to complete the task perfectly.

Another task of Ad verification is to make sure ads appear on appropriate sites. No doubt, there are loads of free technics on how to verify ads or check for ad fraud, fake impressions, and even ad clicks. But if you want to save your time, and money, and stay sane, choose a proxy.

Check if the ads appear just like you promised to your customers without any location-based glitches.

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