Proxies for Ad verification: get protected from fraud and avoid banning

Speed up the process of Ad verification, get over limitations, and make sure Ad money goes where intended

Proxies for advertisers to ensure your ads

  • are visible and clickable
  • look as meant
  • are placed where intended

Proxies for publishers

  • to guarantee that no cons are going on at your sources
  • to make certain that ads lead where contracted and contain no harmful code
  • to stay safe while verifying ads

Proxies to get over geo-imposed limitations

With programmatic advertising, you can publish your ads worldwide. Still, when you use a demand-site platform to launch a campaign, you can only set up the location where you need your commercials to be shown, not specific websites. It happens from time to time that a service publishes your ads on a source that you cannot visit from your location. In this situation, whether you use automated scripts or opt-in to check ads manually, you won’t succeed in verifying your promotion.

With proxies, websites you visit see the location of a proxy server. By implementing proxies from a necessary area, you can check your commercials and collect metrics regardless of your location. Proxies are compatible with a variety of verification methods, including crawlers, instruments designed by ad vendors, and also with manual monitoring.

Proxies to avoid fraud

The ad industry attracts a lot of con artists because there is a lot of money in play. Ad fraud costed $84 billion in 2023 alone. Hidden ads, impression laundering, and malware top the list of the most popular scams. The issue is that even if you meticulously check every commercial, it’s not a 100% guarantee that you’re safe. When you try to verify your ads, deceivers use a series of redirects to present you with a showcase ad that looks as intended and is placed where intended. Or they may block your IP and advertising agencies’ IPs beforehand to evade getting caught.

Ad fraud is dangerous, as you risk not only money but your reputation as well. For example, if your ad is placed on a site with indecent content or contains malware that can harm customers, it will negatively affect the company’s image.

Proxies act as a middleman between you and the target server. A proxy server uses not your IP but its own to communicate with sites you visit. As a result, the target server treats you as a regular user. This way, you see the reality of your ads — how they look, where they are placed, whether they are safe to click on, etc.

It’s worth remembering that with proxies, you’re also safe from malware while verifying your ads. A proxy server scans the source of traffic after receiving a response. If there is something suspicious or potentially harmful, a proxy won’t forward such a response to you, protecting your internal network from viruses, spyware, etc.

Proxies to evade IP banning

Ad verification is something you need to do again and again. However, sites don’t like recurring visits. Such behaviour doesn’t look human-generated and may trigger anti-bot systems. As a result, websites will ask you to tick a captcha or even block you right away. It means that you will end up empty-handed in terms of the necessary metrics.

Proxies provide you with the opportunity to constantly switch between addresses, so every request will look like it is coming from another person. That’s convenient, as you don’t have to use multiple devices, buy additional software, or change IPs manually. Still, you can visit websites with your ads as many times as you need and avoid being blocked. Moreover, you can have up to 2000 connection threads at once, which significantly speeds up the process of ad verification.

At DataImpulse, you can have

  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Unlimited number of requests
  • 24/7 human support

Residential proxies at a reasonable price

Residential proxies are addresses of real users’ devices. Such IPs stick with real cookies, search history, and preferences. When you use them, it’s hard to figure out that you implement proxies or trace traffic back to you. Websites you try to visit let you in without captchas or restrictions. That’s why residential proxies are the first choice for ad verification.

At DataImpulse, you can get more than 5 million residential addresses from 194 locations. You can configure a proxy server so that it’ll automatically use a new IP per every request. We obtain our IPs in a legal way via an app of our development, and we don’t resell the proxies of other providers. With all of that, we can ensure that you get white-listed proxies that respond as fast as one second.

On top of that, you pay only for the traffic you actually use. We operate on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. When you buy traffic, you don’t have to hurry up to use it, as there is no expiration date.


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