Brand protection with proxies: monitor anonymously for brand abuse signs and save your reputation, customers’ trust, and money

Get data quickly without bumping into geo-restrictions, captchas, or bans

Proxies are suitable for:

  • Dealing with counterfeit, trademark squatting, and other cases of brand abuse
  • Monitoring and reacting to negative reviews
  • Making the most out of other tools for brand protection

Proxies to overcome geo-based limitations

You need to know about counterfeits or negative reviews to take measures and protect your brand. However, knock-off goods or bad comments may appear on foreign websites that you cannot reach due to geo-restrictions. Leaving fake goods without attention may result in losing money and customers’ trust. Poor feedback also deserves your attention, as it may indirectly mean that somebody makes money by copying your goods illegally. So, finding a way around and visiting foreign sources is crucial.

Proxies are a tool to do that. They sit between you and the target server, so the latter sees not your IP but a proxy’s one. As IP shows your location, choosing addresses from the necessary area allows you to overcome geo-imposed restrictions and monitor the sources you need. It means you can identify and solve reputation threads like counterfeits worldwide, significantly benefiting your brand’s safety.

Enhance your safety with proxies

Brand protection means dealing with people who are after you and who don’t care about laws. You want to leave them as few traces of you as possible. Even your IP is worth hiding. An IP address can give away your precise location, company name, and postal code. Moreover, knowing only IP, it’s possible to penetrate your internal network with tools for white hacking. Also, bad actors may block you from entering their sources (for example, by your DNS name) and prevent you from learning about your brand’s abuse beforehand.

As a proxy server is the one to communicate with external sources on your behalf, it becomes much harder to trace traffic back to you or to figure out any details about you. It gives you an additional layer of security and anonymity. Besides, when you use proxies, it looks like a real user is entering a website. Bad actors cannot know who you are, so they don’t stop you from visiting their sites. On the contrary, they welcome you and treat you as a potential customer. That way, you know when your brand, reputation, and money are possibly in danger, and you can solve problems without risking your safety.

Proxies to avoid IP banning

To protect your brand, you have to constantly be on the lookout for possible signs of abuse. You visit a lot of sites to collect data, usually with the help of automated scripts. This looks nothing like authentic traffic. It may trigger a security system, as an enormous number of requests may be a sign of an attack, for example, a DDoS attack. Web sources may ask you to tick a captcha or even ban you. As a result, you cannot protect your brand.

Proxies help you create a “real user” look. When you use them, websites you visit and scrape see requests coming from different IPs from different locations and time zones. Traffic looks human-generated, and target servers don’t know that the only person is the source of it. You can collect necessary data without losing time on captchas or bans, and you can stay assured that no one is using your ideas and efforts to earn money behind your back.

At DataImpulse, you can have

  • 24/7 human support
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • 1st party legally obtained proxies

1-second response time proxies

While hunting for counterfeits or other issues, you have to deal with a lot of data, which requires time. Moreover, it’s crucial to discover brand violations as soon as possible. It means proxies must be fast to benefit your brand protection measures. DataImpulse offers you 1-second response time IPs. With such speed, you won’t notice an additional server while enjoying the anonymity and opportunities proxies provide.

Residential proxies from 194 locations

To avoid triggering bot-detection systems, you need to opt for authentic proxies that are IPs of real people’s devices. That’s why residential proxies are the choice. At DataImpulse, you can have addresses from 194 countries out of 195 existing ones to reach anywhere you need. You can also use country plans in case you require IPs from particular areas. Select the country or country while setting up your proxy server, and we will provide you with the best IPs from those locations.


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