Website testing with proxies: address development bugs and ensure user engagement

Save time and avoid legal challenges associated with testing

  • Compatible with manual and automated testing
  • A lawful tool
  • Help addressing both technical and UI/UX issues
  • Fit with various devices and testing tools

Traffic monitoring with proxies

Traffic monitoring helps in identifying severe back-end errors. However, there are several difficulties, for example, the necessity to get users’ consent or to choose allowed capturing practices.

Proxies make monitoring possible without involving real visitors. You can generate traffic and then safely intercept and check it, not worrying about legal issues like customers’ consent. Moreover, you can recreate possible scenarios, like various users’ input, and see how your website handles it.

Proxies to ensure user engagement

Making sure your website adjusts content properly is one more necessity. For that, you need to mimic traffic from different locations and users.

You can complete the task by using proxies. IPs from different locations help you check the correct rendering of geo-targeted content. Also, addresses have their own unique cookies, search history, and preferences. So, you also check whether your site customises content.

Load testing with proxies

You have to inspect how your site performs in extreme situations, like load peaks. Checking scalability is a must too.

You can generate the load with proxies and monitor how your website behaves and how many users it will handle. Proxies also help you see how a balancer works and whether the load is divided equally between servers.

Proxies for security testing

You cannot make your site publicly available before ensuring its safety. Mimicking real attacks is the only way. For that, you need numerous IPs.

Proxies help you imitate suspicious activities like credential stealing and examine your website’s reaction. They are essential to test anti-bot systems and intrusion detection systems as well. Moreover, security testing consumes a lot of time as there are many test cases to check. Proxies save time by allowing you to run several test cases at once. You can also combine security testing with load testing to make sure your site is safe, even when welcoming innumerable visitors.

Your benefits with DataImpulse

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Intuitive dashboard to adjust settings according to your needs
  • Real-time human support
  • More than 5 million proxies from 194 locations

One-second response-time proxies

You have to test your website regularly for numerous scenarios. So, you need fast proxies in order to not waste too much time yet do testing properly. You can have one-second response-time proxies at DataImpulse. We don’t resell other providers’ IPs, so we control our servers and don’t allow overloading. You have a stable, high-speed connection and can test your site without delays.

Cost-effective price of $1 per 1 GB

Website testing requires a lot of traffic. You have to carefully choose a proxy provider that fits your budget. It may be tempting to use free proxies; however, they come with great security risks. It’s better to choose a reliable provider with reasonable prices. At DataImpulse, you can have proxies at a price of $1 per GB. We obtain IPs via an app of our own development and don’t resell addresses of other providers so we can keep prices fair and still supply you with high-quality proxies.


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