Instagram proxies:

unlock geo-targeted content, get rid of latency, and secure your activities

Grow your audience without spending 24/7 on Instagram or endangering your privacy

Proxies for Instagram

  • for private users and for businesses of all sizes
  • compatible with other tools, including automated marketing tools
  • can be used by either in-house marketing teams or marketing agencies
  • one tool to solve numerous problems

Proxies to unlock geo-targeted content in Instagram

When you log in to your account, Instagram instantly figures out your location from your IP address. Some content may be invisible to you due to its geo-targeting. Also, the local laws of your country may prevent Instagram from showing you particular posts and videos. It may pose a problem when you need to analyze competitors, look for counterfeits, know about local trends before expanding to foreign markets, etc. If you need to target an ad campaign at an unreachable location, you cannot properly verify and optimize your ads. You might miss something important and make the wrong decision about your business.

Proxies prevent Instagram from knowing your IP. When you use them, they communicate with the platform on your behalf. Instagram sees a proxy’s IP, not yours. You can choose proxies from whitelisted locations and access whatever content you need.

Boost the effectiveness of automated marketing tools

Tools for automated messaging or targeting are helpful in many ways. However, Instagram doesn’t like them. Those tools are easy to detect, as they send requests much faster than humans. You may receive a ban or lose your account if you use those instruments without additional software.

Instagram detects the usage of automated tools primarily by the enormous number of requests coming from the same IP. When you use a proxy server, you can set it to use a new address with every request. For Instagram, it will look like a natural activity. It will help you avoid possible punishment and still speed up your work.

Enhancing privacy and security with proxies

Instagram developers and third parties often track your activity to show you targeted ads, etc. Moreover, scammers often target accounts with a lot of active subscribers and interactions. If somebody attacks you, they will not only harm your business but may also get hold of your personal data. On top of that, sometimes you have to access your account using public Wi-Fi, which isn’t a safe option.

When you use a proxy, Instagram sees its IP. It becomes difficult to learn important details about you, like your precise location or preferences. If you manage several accounts, it becomes harder to link different profiles’ activities. For scammers, it’s harder to track you down and attack you. Also, you can use a public Wi-Fi network and still stay safe.

Proxies to fight latency

When you go live on Instagram, upload huge video files, or manage several accounts, you need a high-speed connection. However, you consume a lot of traffic by doing so. Your internet service provider may limit your bandwidth. In addition, your IP may belong to an autonomous system with speed issues. Or your internet service provider may offer you a slow DNS server that will slow down your connection. Anyway, you waste a lot of time on latency.

Proxies make it hard to track down your activities by masking your IP. Your internet service provider cannot see how much traffic you consume, so it doesn’t impose any limits. Moreover, while setting up a proxy server, you can exclude autonomous systems with speed problems. On top of that, you use a proxy’s DNS server, and you can choose a fast one. All of this will help you forget about latency.

Proxies to manage several accounts

Instagram allows you to run only five accounts from the same IP. However, sometimes you need to have more profiles, for example, to target different locations. If you try to manage those accounts using the same address, the platform may find it suspicious and ban you. With a blocked account, you cannot do anything.

Proxies help you distribute your activities evenly between several IPs. Instagram won’t link your accounts to you. Instead, it will look like different people manage those accounts, and there is no relationship between them. You can do what you need without punishment.

Why DataImpulse

Addresses from 194 locations

Whatever location you need to access, you can do it with our 5+ million pool of IPs from 194 countries.

Proxy filtering

If you need more privacy, you can turn on proxy filtering, so you will use anonymous IPs.

1-second response time

You won’t notice delays when routing your traffic via an additional server. Get all the advantages of proxies without worrying about low-speed connections.

Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model

There is no “best before” date. You pay only for the traffic you use, so you won’t spend all your budget on proxies.

Ethical residential proxies for Instagram

Residential proxies are people’s devices’ IPs. They are not linked to botfarms. Those addresses are related to a particular geolocation, search history, and fingerprints. They are hard to detect. That’s why residential proxies are the first option to use for Instagram. At DataImpulse, you get legally obtained residential proxies. We don’t resell proxies from other providers, so we can offer you first-party addresses at an affordable price of $1 per 1 GB. You have whitelisted IPs that are safe to use.

2000 connection threads

2000 connection threads are equal to using 2000 devices at the same time. If you run several accounts or need to use automated marketing tools, connection threads will significantly speed up all processes. You get the work done much faster.

Popular questions

Do I have any limits regarding the number of IPs available?

No, you don’t have any restrictions. You can use as many IPs as you need, as we don’t set limits on the number of available addresses.

Can I just use free proxies?

We don’t recommend deciding on free proxies. They are often associated with illegal activities like sending spam. Using them, you risk getting banned. Also, you never know who owns and manages those servers, so it may be dangerous to route your traffic via them. Your personal data, like IP addresses or passwords, may go to bad actors.

What if I have difficulties while setting up a proxy?

You can ask our support team for help. We are available 24/7. Not bots, but humans answer you. To start a chat with a support agent, click on the icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen. You’ll get an answer in no more than several minutes. Also, we have numerous step-by-step tutorials about how to integrate proxies with different apps and tools.


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