Lift geo-based restrictions with proxies:

unlock geo-targeted content and collect unbiased data without giving up on privacy and safety

Boost price comparison, ad verification, market research, and other business processes and get access to necessary services when abroad

Why proxies?

  • The vast majority of geo-imposed limitations rely on IP blocks or DNS blocks, and you can overcome both types with proxies
  • Proxies also make it hard to trace traffic back to you, enhancing your anonymity and security
  • Compatible with different browsers and apps
  • You can use IPs of real people’s devices. Such traffic looks authentic and you successfully bypass anti-bot systems

How do proxies work?

When you visit a website, you can’t avoid using your IP. Sites then use special techniques to know your location from your address. You also use a DNS server offered by your internet service provider. As providers are local, it is no big deal to figure out your place of being. When a site understands that you are trying to reach from a prohibited area, it won’t send you information.

When you route your traffic through a proxy server, a target website sees the proxy’s IP. Also, you automatically use a proxy’s DNS server. So a web source you try to reach will know the proxy’s location. By choosing proxies from allowed areas, you can unlock geo-targeted content and reach foreign sources.

Proxies to gather geo-targeted data

Knowing about reviews on your goods and new market tendencies, staying aware of prices and competitors’ innovations, dealing with counterfeits, and monitoring ads are all crucial tasks. You need to reach foreign sources to get that information. Otherwise, you will make decisions without proof and endanger your money, reputation, and success. However, you often bump into a “not available in your region” sign when trying to visit outlandish websites.

When you use proxies, you send requests to a proxy, and then a proxy connects to the target website. The latter knows nothing about you. You only have to use IPs from a whitelisted location, and you can get the geo-targeted data that you need.

Proxies to get unbiased search results

You always get search results that are relevant to your location. However, sometimes you need to obtain unbiased data not tied to your place of being, for example, while tracking SERPs.

Proxies can help you imitate queries from different places to get location-diverse data. With DataImpulse, you can have up to 2,000 connection threads at once. It’s equal if you use two thousand devices simultaneously, so it significantly speeds up the process.

Proxies to log into your accounts while abroad

Platforms and services may have different terms of usage depending on the country. When you go abroad, you may be unable to reach particular content or an entire app due to geo-imposed restrictions. It may cause problems, as sometimes you cannot reach your bank account or other important things.

Proxies allow you to avoid those inconveniences and use needed services wherever you are. You can connect to them via IPs from a necessary location.

Proxies to imitate traffic from certain regions

You have to simulate authentic traffic while conducting tasks like website testing. You need numerous IPs from various locations for that. If you don’t have location-diverse IPs, your efforts will go to waste.

You can use addresses from various locations and mimic real traffic with proxies. At the same time, you don’t have to deal with users’ consent or other legal issues.

Why DataImpulse?

  • 24/7 human support
  • Several protocols to deal with various types of traffic and apps
  • A fair price of $1 per 1 GB of traffic
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model

1-second response-time proxies to not slow you down

Latency is as unwanted as geo-restrictions. DataImpulse provides you with 1-second response-time proxies. Moreover, you can exclude ASNs with speed issues and connect to IPs that rely on faster DNS servers. You will avoid delays and still get the geo-targeted data that you look for.

IPs from 194 countries

You need proxies from various areas to effectively overcome geo-imposed restrictions. DataImpulse offers you 5+ million addresses from 194 countries. With that number, you can get data from everywhere you need or connect to your accounts from wherever you are. On our website, you can check the number of addresses that are online and ready to use. There are country plans available if you need IPs of a particular place.


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