Price comparison

When shopping on the Internet you probably face a huge list of shops and goods that make you a bit anxious. But being a seller is much harder in such a competitive market. Even huge and well-known global e-commerce stores are under pressure 24/7, so what do small sellers feel then?
From one side, it is a simple duet – deliver the highest quality for a competitive price. But here is a new challenge, how do you know your price is the best and cannot be beaten?

Manual hunt on prices is already out of trend. The task is to check hundreds of stores and, furthermore, make sure the data is correct. It is an impossible mission even if we talk about one product, but what if you have 1000 of them. So there are two solutions – hiring a team of minions who will be monitoring competitors’ prices 24/7 or choosing web scraping.

What benefits do you get:

  • instant access to the up-to-date pricing data
  • visualization of the full picture of the market
  • possibility to compare information from any source you need
  • global and local markets insights

Data Impulse helps business owners to win the price competition and be a few hundred steps ahead of competitors. Get the precise data while your competitors are on the way to their offices.

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