Price comparison with proxies: reach geo-limited websites, avoid captchas, and get reliable data

Double down on your anonymity and save time on gathering data without giving up the accuracy

You need proxies for price comparison in case you:

  • have to compare prices daily;
  • operate in a niche where customers have numerous choices of the same goods;
  • wish to have data with no mistakes.

Avoid captchas with proxies

Usually, you collect prices by utilizing automated scripts that act much faster than real users. It results in websites receiving too many requests from the same IP in no time. It triggers anti-bot systems, and your scripts see a captcha. Some websites may totally ban you. The outcome is the same: you cannot get data.

Proxies help you make traffic look authentic. They communicate with websites on your behalf, and you can configure a proxy server to use a new address for each request. Websites will see traffic coming from different people and places. This way, you can avoid bumping into captchas or blocks and gather data effortlessly.

Proxies to collect prices from geo-targeted sources

Prices for the same goods vary depending on the country. If you operate in several countries or plan on expanding your business abroad, knowing about local prices is crucial. However, geo-imposed restrictions may hinder you from doing it. This may seriously harm your business, as making decisions without information is risky.

Your IP exposes your place of being. Adding proxies of the necessary location between you and the target websites allows you to reach foreign sources and analyse local prices.

Proxies to obtain trustworthy data

Some companies don’t prohibit crawling their websites for prices, and they don’t greet you with captchas or bans. Instead, they figure out your IP and show you the wrong information. So, you need to stay anonymous while comparing prices.

Proxies benefit your anonymity as it’s not yours but a proxy’s IP that websites see. Competitors consider you a potential customer and show you real prices. Because of it, you have a true picture of what’s happening in a market.

What can you gain from DataImpulse

  • Whitelisted proxies with 1-second response time
  • 5+ million IPs from 194 locations
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Fair price of $1 per 1 GB
  • 24/7 human support

Ethically obtained residential proxies

Residential proxies are IPs of people’s devices. They have genuine cookies, search history, and fingerprints. As everything is real about residential addresses, they help you blend in with ordinary customers and collect data effectively. DataImpulse obtains its proxies via an app of its own development. People opt-in to sell us a part of their traffic, and we pay them. In return, we set some parameters in order to ensure you receive fast, whitelisted proxies.


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