Proxies for botting:

reliable aid to get over captchas and geo-imposed limitations without compromising your privacy

For businesses and individuals to make the best of proxies

Proxies for botting

  • Work with different types of bots, including custom-built bots
  • Support numerous apps and browsers
  • Provide you with additional protection from security threats
  • No additional hardware is necessary

Eschew IP bans with proxies

Bots work much faster than humans. They use your IP as you run them from your device. Whether you scrape websites or manage automated marketing tools, sites see that all the traffic comes from the same source and detect that as suspicious activity. Usually, your bots face captchas or total bans. In the end, you cannot complete tasks you use bots for.

When you add a proxy server between your bots and the extranet, traffic goes to the proxy first. A proxy then connects to the target source and forwards your request. Sites you try to reach see proxies’ IPs. You can set up your proxy server to distribute your requests between numerous addresses. Websites will receive traffic from different IPs and locations. It will look like real visitor behavior. It significantly increases your chances of avoiding captchas and bans while implementing bots. You get all the data you need.

Use proxies to get over geo-limitations

Your IP reveals your location. If a source imposes any geo-limitations, your bots cannot overcome them. You cannot get the necessary data or complete your tasks.

When you employ a proxy server, the target server sees the proxy’s address and location. You can use proxies from whitelisted areas, so your bots will be able to visit all the necessary sources. You will cope with your tasks without facing the “The site is impossible to reach from your location” warning.

Proxies to guard your security

Bots themselves don’t protect you from security threats. Hackers may still get to know your IP and start a DDoS attack, or penetrate your internal network. If you use crawlers, they may visit suspicious websites that spread viruses.

Proxies keep your IP hidden. As hackers don’t know your real address, they can’t figure out more details about you, such as your location. It’s hard to launch an attack without knowing anything. Also, a proxy server can work as a filter. You can block certain types of traffic based on strings of text, lines of code, or objects within images. Proxies won’t let potentially harmful stuff into your internal network.

Say goodbye to latency with proxies

There are time-consuming tasks, like data gathering, that you need to do faster. It’s complicated because your bots need time to deal with copious amounts of data. Technical issues may be one more reason for the latency. For example, your provider may have slow DNS servers. Your IP may belong to an autonomous system with speed problems. You waste time, do things too slowly, and risk not meeting your clients’ needs.

Proxies allow you to use connection threads. You divide the load equally between numerous IPs. It takes you much less time to finish your chores. Also, you use the proxy’s DNS server and not one of your provider. You can also exclude autonomous systems that have speed issues. You have a high-speed connection, and botting becomes fruitful.

What you gain with DataImpulse

194 available locations, including free country plans

Reach whatever web sources and content you need without borders. If you’re interested in a particular area, just choose the necessary country, and we’ll supply you with the best IPs of that area.

Custom price

Normally, you can get proxies for $1 per 1GB of traffic. However, if you buy more than 1TB of traffic, you pay $0,8 per 1 GB. Save both money and time.

2K connection threads

Use 2K addresses simultaneously to save time and successfully complete all your assignments.

5+ million IPs without limits

A vast pool of more than 5 million IPs is at your service. You don’t have any limits regarding the number of IPs available.

Authentic residential IPs

You need to disguise your bots as real users to bypass anti-bot systems. Residential proxies are the best tool for that, as they are addresses of household devices. Such IPs are tied to a particular location. They are associated with real cookies, search history, and fingerprints. When you use them, it resembles human-generated traffic. You bypass security systems easily. At DataImpulse, you get 1st party proxies. We obtain them via an app of our development, and we pay our partners for their traffic. As we don’t sell proxies from other providers, we balance the load between servers so you don’t experience drops in speed. You also don’t have to pay more.

Two protocols to meet your needs

Different bots may require different protocols. For example, if you use crawlers or scrapers, the HTTP protocol is an optimal choice. If you use gaming bots or custom-build bots, the SOCKS protocol may fit better as it supports more types of traffic, including UDP. At DataImpulse, you can get both protocols and switch between them when the need arises. You can have the safe HTTPS protocol and the newest version of the SOCKS protocol, SOCKS5.


Why choose residential proxies for botting, not datacenter proxies or mobile proxies?

Residential IPs are addresses of people’s devices. Internet service providers assign them. Such IPs don’t alter anti-bot systems, as websites detect them as real users. You significantly lower the risk of seeing captchas or getting banned. Datacenter proxies are much easier to detect, as they often belong to the same subnet and have a limited range of IPs. Sometimes websites may even block them in advance. Mobile proxies are good for botting; however, they are more expensive than residential. That’s why residential proxies are an optimal choice regarding their features and price.

Free proxies—why not?

There are several disadvantages to using free proxies. Websites often block them beforehand, so you cannot visit any web source. Scammers use free proxies to send spam and conduct other illegal activities. If you use such addresses, you may risk your reputation. Also, you don’t know who manages such servers and whether they protect your data. With all of that, a free proxy server is a risky choice that may get you into trouble. Finding a reliable proxy provider like DataImpulse is the best.

How to choose the right protocol?

The choice of protocol depends on your needs and the type of bots you use. There is no better or worse protocol. There is a suitable protocol for every use case. It’s better to have both—the HTTPS protocol and the SOCKS protocol—available and switch between them when you have to.

What if I need help?

If you face difficulties connecting proxies or something goes wrong, our support team is available 24/7, including weekends. You get answers and help from real humans, not from bots.


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