Proxies for RuneScape:

upgrade your skills, achieve rewards, reach new communities, and unlock geo-targeted events

Get rid of latency and take care of privacy without being banned

Why are proxies good for RuneScape

  • compatible with various devices, including smartphones and computers
  • fit with all the versions of RuneScape, including RuneScape Old School
  • are used with the app and the browser versions
  • good for in-game and web-related activities in RuneScape

Proxies to overcome geo-imposed limitations

RuneScape puts geo-restrictions on some promotions, events, and updates. You can’t participate in those events, miss opportunities to achieve new skills, rewards, and items, and join other communities. In some regions, the game isn’t available at all.

Proxies hide your real IP. Instead, a game server sees a proxy’s address and location. You can choose the IPs of a desired location and lay your hands on all the features and renovations. This also helps you enter new communities, obtain skills, and gather resources, items, and etc.

Proxies to reduce latency

Speed issues lead to poor gameplay and numerous bugs. You get distracted from the game, give your enemies an unfair advantage, lose fights, and see out-of-date prices on items. It’s hard to successfully trade or achieve new ranks, skills, and rewards like this.

Proxies fight latency in several ways. First, you can use a proxy server that is located physically close to a game server. A small distance between servers means less latency. Second, you can exclude ASNs with speed issues while setting up a proxy server. By avoiding routing your traffic through those IPs, you will prevent bugs. Third, you can choose a proxy with a fast DNS server. Normally, your internet service provider offers you one. You experience bugs if it works slowly. With proxies, you automatically use a proxy’s DNS server. You can choose a fast one and forget about latency.

Proxies to take care of security and privacy

You cannot play without using your IP. Hackers may use it to track you down, figure out your precise location, or penetrate your device. Enemies may try to arrange a DDoS attack to take you out of the game. RuneScape developers may track your IP and collect in-game patterns. Third parties, like advertisers, may keep an eye on your traffic to personalize content. Websites may use your cookies to get data about your interests. All of it may harm your success in the game and endanger your gadgets and personal data.

When you route your traffic through a proxy, the target server sees the proxy’s IP. It makes it much harder to trace traffic back to you, to know more about you, or to attack. Advertisers, websites, fellow players, and RuneScape developers won’t collect your personal data and associate it with your in-game patterns. You enjoy the game without worrying about your safety.

Proxies to check prices

Price checking includes analyzing historical pricing trends, visiting forums and marketplaces, and participating in chats. You reveal your IP in the process, so it’s easy for manipulators and developers to detect your monitoring activities. Manipulators then try to trick you. RuneScape shows data influenced by your interests and location. As a result, you get the wrong idea about items’ value. To see real prices, you need to dissociate your inspection activities from your identity.

Proxies hide your IP. It becomes hard to track you and your actions. You see real prices, not influenced by your in-game behaviour, location, or manipulators. You make informed decisions about buying and selling.

Why DataImpulse

1-second response time for smooth gameplay

Get all the advantages, like security and anonymity, without sacrificing speed.

$1 per 1 GB of traffic

Enjoy your hobby and communicate with fellow thinkers without emptying your wallet.

194 locations to play from wherever you are

Do you plan on checking prices? Reach everywhere you need to. Do you want to play even while travelling abroad? Access RuneScape from anywhere you are.

No limitations

There are no limits on the number of addresses available for usage. There is no expiration date, as we operate on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Enjoy playing with no restrictions.

Residential proxies to avoid bans

You can turn on filtering to use only residential IPs. Those are the addresses of people’s devices. They are tied to a particular provider and location; they have a real search history and fingerprints. It’s hard to understand that you use additional software. You enjoy the benefits of proxies and don’t risk getting blocked.

Two protocols for a better experience

SOCKS5 proxies are fast. They offer you authentication and support different types of traffic. Those proxies are suitable for in-game activities like questing and combat. HTTP(S) proxies speed up the connection by caching files. They are good for monitoring marketplaces, participating in forums, reading guides, and other web-related activities. You can have both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 proxies at DataImpulse and switch between them in a couple of clicks.


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