Sneaker proxies:

overcome geo-based limitations, reduce latency, and get the shoes you want

Enjoy comfortable shopping without exposing your sensitive data or experiencing IP bans

Advantages of sneaker proxies

  • Are good for both manual and automated purchases
  • Work with different browsers and apps
  • Compatible with various bots
  • Fit with computers, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones

Proxies to stay safe

Shoes hunting includes entering sensitive data like name, payment details, and address. Malicious actors are often after sneakerheads to steal that data. You have to protect yourself if you want to buy a limited pair without negative consequences.

Proxies can protect you in numerous ways. First, they communicate with a target server on your behalf. The latter sees a proxy’s IP, not yours. It makes it harder for hackers to trail you or figure out additional data about you, like your location. Second, proxies offer you authentication and can encrypt your traffic. It depends on the proxy protocol that you choose. Third, as con artists don’t know your real IP, they cannot find a way to enter your device and do something harmful.

Proxies to overcome geo-based restrictions

Some companies don’t sell their goods in particular locations. Prices for the same item may vary depending on the location. So to grab your pair of limited-edition shoes or pay less, you need to bypass geo-imposed limitations.

As IP is what betrays your location, proxies can solve the problem. You can reach any website and save money by choosing addresses of a necessary area.

Proxies to bypass IP banning

Shoes hunting means that you constantly refresh pages in order not to miss a launch. Then you try to fill in your purchasing details as fast as possible. Or you use bots. In both cases, you send numerous requests within a short period of time. It alerts security systems, and websites block your IP. Also, some brands allow you to purchase only one pair of limited-edition shoes. They track your IP. If you try to buy again, a system prohibits you from doing so.

You can use numerous IPs with proxies. Sites will see that every request comes from a different address. Anti-bot systems won’t detect you. You will avoid IP bans and will be able to buy several pairs of shoes.

Proxies to reduce latency

You may experience drops in speed when buying from a faraway location due to the distance between your server and the target one. Also, your provider may set limits on how much traffic you use or offer you a slow DNS server. While you wait for a website to download, the shoes you want to buy may get sold out.

While setting up a proxy server, you can choose the one closer to the target server. It will reduce distance and help with latency. As you use proxies’ IPs, your internet service provider cannot track your address or set any limits for you. Also, you use a proxy’s DNS server. You can choose faster options. With that all, you buy your dream shoes with no delays.

Trusted protocols for safe shopping

You can choose between the SOCKS5 protocol and the HTTPS protocol. The SOCKS5 protocol offers authentication. The HTTPS protocol encrypts your data. You can enjoy shopping while having your data protected.

2 thousand connection threads

Leave website monitoring to proxies and live your life. Using 2 thousand connection threads is equal to using 2 thousand devices simultaneously. You will never miss a new release or your desired shoes.

1-second response-time proxies

Overcome geo-imposed limits and IP bans and still be on time to grab your pair of exclusive shoes. DataImpulse’s proxies respond fast enough for you not to face setbacks.

24/7 human support

You can ask us to help at any time, including nights, weekends, and holidays. We respond in several minutes. To start a chat with a support team, you only have to press on a widget in the bottom right corner of your screen. You get answers from humans, not bots.

Safe proxies at an affordable price

At DataImpulse, you have legally obtained proxies. We grow our IP pool via a special app. People install it on their gadgets and opt-in to sell us a share of their traffic. You get effective proxies, as we ensure that there are no blocked IPs. As we don’t resell addresses from other providers, you get proxies for only $1 per 1GB, so you still have money to buy shoes. You can replenish your account with several clicks and choose the most convenient payment method, including cryptocurrency. When there are some GBs left, you can use them for the next purchase, as there is no expiration date.

Adjust a proxy server according to your needs

You can select the necessary location and modify other proxy settings via a dashboard. There is a function to set any rotation interval from 1 up to 120 minutes. Feel free to exclude ASNs if they have speed or other issues. You are able to choose a protocol too. If you are done shopping and need proxies for other tasks, you can change settings in an instant.


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