Streaming proxies: overcome geo-restrictions and ensure your safety

Avoid lags and blocks and create engaging content

Streaming proxies help you

  • create assorted content and post it regularly
  • protect yourself from scammers
  • make money via streaming

Proxies to benefit a connection speed

Streamers use a lot of traffic. Your internet service provider may track your IP and limit the amount of traffic you can use in order to balance the load. This is bandwidth throttling, and it results in high latency. Your audience will experience lag.

Bandwidth throttling becomes impossible with proxies. They sit between you and the target server, so the latter sees a proxy’s IP. Your internet service provider cannot track you or set any usage limits for you.

DNS resolution could be one more problem. Domain Name System servers convert a brand name, for example, YouTube, into an IP address that gadgets understand. You experience drops in speed if the DNS server of your provider works slowly.

However, when you use proxies, you automatically use the proxies’ DNS server. You can choose the fastest options to have a high-speed connection.

Proxies to overcome geo-based limitations

Streaming platforms are prohibited in some countries or regions. Such limitations may pose a problem if you travel often and still want to go live regularly, as your IP shows your location.

Restrictions may also prevent you from creating diverse content. For example, if you play games online, geo-limits may stop you from finding new interesting games and fellow players.

Proxies shield you, so the target server sees a proxy’s location. You can choose the IPs of the required countries and go live wherever you are. It will also help you reach more channels and people and diversify your content.

Proxies to unblock your account

Streaming platforms like Twitch may block your account based on your IP. It could happen for reasons completely out of your control. For example, competitors might attack you with bots, and a platform would block you because of suspicious activity. As a result, you cannot log in to your account and stream.

When you log in with a proxy, a platform sees its IP. You can overcome a block, log in, and stream.

Proxies to enhance your safety

Streamers often become targets for cybercriminals. Fraudsters may arrange a DDoS attack or even get you involved in swatting. Swatting occurs when hackers get to know your IP and your personal info like your precise location. Next, they file a police report, framing you as a victim or a culprit of a severe crime. A SWAT team—a special military-like squad trained to deal with atrocities like kidnapping or shooting—goes to your place. At the very least, you will have to pay a penalty for a hoax call. Such pranks may also be dangerous for your life and health, as SWAT teams can use weapons without prior scrutiny.

Proxies prevent it from happening, as prankers won’t get your IP, storm you with bots, or figure out anything about you. You can create and share content without losing your efforts due to an attack or risking your life.

What can you get with DataImpulse?

  • Legally obtained 1st party IPs
  • One-second response time
  • 5+ million IPs from 194 locations

SOCKS5 protocol for a seamless and safe connection

The SOCKS5 protocol neither reads your data nor caches pages. It doesn’t save your credentials and offers you authentication. It means the SOCKS5 protocol is safe. It also supports both UDP and TSP connection types, so the protocol is fast. Safety and speed are what you need. At DataImpulse, you can have SOCKS5 proxies at an affordable price of $1 per 1 GB.

Pay-as-you-go pricing model

Create and share content when inspiration hits you, not because you are in a hurry to use traffic. There is no expiration date. When you run out of GBs, you can replenish your balance via our user-friendly dashboard with several clicks. Numerous payment methods are at your service.


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